Thank You For Making Me a Mother

“Motherhood is everything I’ve ever dreamed of and so much more. It’s challenging. It’s tiring. It’s filled with many imperfect days, sleepless nights, and what ifs. It’s an unconditional, unexplainable love. It’s putting your child’s happiness and well-being over your own. It’s 2am cuddles when your baby refuses to go to sleep unless in your arms. It’s projectile poop, and milk coming out of your baby’s nose. It’s your baby crying and immediately stopping once in your arms. It’s being excited about every milestone that your child completes but also wanting time to slow down. It’s being attuned to your child’s needs and doing everything in your power to meet those needs. It is engorged boobs, and cracked/achy nipples. It’s being so sleep deprived that you want to cry. It’s waking up at 3am to feed your hungry baby. It’s questioning if you are doing enough for your child. It’s wanting alone time but not being able to fathom leaving your baby. It’s the ultimate roller coaster of joy and sorrow, comfort and fear, love and hate, perfect and imperfect, fast and slow, past and future.
And I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you for making me a mother, Carter Alexander. Thank you for teaching me so much about myself and for making me better in every aspect of my life. Once you were placed on my chest at the hospital, I was complete and knew I had a new purpose. And that is to be the best mother to you as I can possibly be and to love you with my whole being. There aren’t enough words to fully and accurately describe my love for you. Forever & Always, Son. .”

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