Miracle Baby Girl

Miracle Baby Girl

We are so excited to announce our Miracle Baby Girl is due February 2021!! 🌸

Our first ultrasound we were so excited to see this sweet one for the first time. With Covid, pregnancy appointments are everything but normal.
While Zac waited patiently in the car FaceTiming me as I could be the only one at the appointment, our world came crashing down when we were told our precious baby had died.

With pain in our hearts, we knew God was still good & declared it as we drove off into the mountains to seek peace, grieve together & process our loss.

Still praising Jesus for the gift of carrying this little life for the time I did, we also experienced a great depth of sorrow from knowing our baby wasn’t alive.
After several doctors appointments, it was confirmed this was NOT a viable pregnancy & had scheduled a surgery to remove it.
The day before our surgery, we requested to see our baby on an ultrasound one more time.
We knew God was a God of miracles but we also made peace that in His arms was the safest place for our baby to be.

AND by the grace of God & the prayers of many who were praying;
there it was, our babies HEARTBEAT. A perfectly beating heart, strong and loud!
With tears in our eyes & our ultrasound techs eyes, we knew this was nothing short of a miracle!!!!
Our doctor who delivered our original sad news had said in all her years she’s never seen something like this – “ this is truly a miracle“.

We praise Jesus every day for this sweet baby girl, she surely has already changed our lives for the better.

One thing we will never forget, is the moment of deep loss of our child, a feeling I wish on no one but know so many walk that journey. My heart aches with you sisters 💗

We also will never forget hearing that heartbeat of LIFE. A beautiful sign of Gods wonder.
Us & our doctors might not ever understand medically how this happened & that’s okay.

We know our Heavenly Father smiles down knowing He has bigger plans for this baby girl & we are grateful to be her parents!!

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