My Second Baby

My Second Baby

“To my second baby,

I see you. I see you smiling at the spinning mobile as you sit quietly and enjoy the movement of your swing shifting back and forth.

I hear you. I hear the sound of your sweet, innocent voice, cooing while you watch your dogs play in front of you.

Please don’t think for one second I don’t notice you. I do. I notice that you have the cutest dimple when you smile, and you love to move your eyebrows up and down when your sister is running around like a maniac. I notice that you love being kissed, and when someone isn’t watching you, you wave your hands in the air.

I’m sorry I don’t give you the same attention I gave your sister at this age. I’m sorry my photo album isn’t filled with photos of you sleeping. I’m sorry there are times when I have to decide whose needs must be met first and you end up having to wait patiently. I’m sorry you were not showered with the same love and attention as your sister was from extended family. I’m sorry you get the hand me downs. And I’m so sorry that the most alone time we’ve spent together was on the day you were born.

But baby, you were the missing puzzle piece to our family. Without you, our family was incomplete. You may have not made me a “mommy”, but you made me a MUCH BETTER one. You showed me what it was like for ones heart to double in size. You have taught me how to appreciate EVERY single moment because our time is so sacred. You have encouraged me to become a more patient person because I’ve witnessed you be patient with me.

Babygirl, I love you. I adore you. I appreciate you. And I’m grateful for you. Thank you for being YOU, because your presence lights up the room and you have made me a better person. You are a gift from God.

I see you baby. I hear you. And I notice you.

I love you,
Your Mommy💜

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