Ashleigh’s Pregnancy Reveal

Ashleigh’s Pregnancy Reveal

How did you decide to surprise your husband?:
“I knew this would be our last baby so I wanted it to be a surprise I took my iud out and didn’t tell him. It was so hard to keep the secret when I found out! I tricked Kris into thinking we were doing a photo shoot for Knox’s birthday. Then I pulled out two chalkboards and we each were supposed to write what we loved most about each other. On the count of three we turned them around. This is the very moment he found out I was pregnant.”

How is this pregnancy different or the same from your others?
“Being pregnant during all of this has been difficult not having him at any doctors appointments, other than that this pregnancy has been easy so far.”

Tell us about your pregnancy journey:
“I really am just trying to cherish every little thing this time around because it’s my last pregnancy. So bittersweet.”

Instagram: @stayatbeach_mama
Photography by: soulsarrr

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