Tiffany’s Pregnancy Reveal

Tiffany’s Pregnancy Reveal

Tell us about your pregnancy journey
“My pregnancy journey has been a little scary and crazy during a pandemic! But I haven’t let that take away from my excitement! Having a little human grow inside me, is an insane feeling but I feel so lucky.”

How did you reveal your pregnancy to your husband and family?
“When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I had planned on telling my husband in some sort of cute way, but instead I couldn’t wait and woke him up from a nap with the pregnancy test! He was extremely confused at first, but then it hit him! When telling my family and friends, we had them open a gift that had a cute onsie in it that said “new kid on the block”. They were all ecstatic! ”

How are you feeling during your pregnancy?
“So far my pregnancy has been ROUGH! I never knew I could one could throw up so much 😂 but as of recently, I’ve been able to enjoy the journey a little more and the nausea has gone down quite a bit. We can’t wait to meet our little babe come January!”

Instagram: @tiffanydeeterr
Photography: @reamazonas

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