Pandemic Birth- Don’t Feel Bad For Us

Pandemic Birth- Don’t Feel Bad For Us

“I feel so bad for you that this is your first pregnancy”. Words I heard often. I might be speaking for myself but please don’t feel bad for us. Yes, we’ve been robbed from so much of the typical things that other first-time moms-to-be experienced outside of a world wide shut down. Of course we wish our spouses could join us for our ultrasound visits, that we could run out to get our cravings and enjoy a few last date nights before it’s no longer just the two of us.

We missed out on friends and family feeling the mighty kicks coming from inside of us, the physical celebration of a baby shower and showing off our cute bumps. No hospital tours, birthing classes, nursery shopping or mom group meet ups. We weren’t allowed to walk the halls while enduring contractions, we wore masks while in labor and had no idea when loved ones would get to meet the newest member of the family. Our books didn’t prepare us for this. You know what though? A majority of us were able to stay home, stay safe, and allow our bodies more rest time to grow little miracles. 2020 will always be a reminder of a global pandemic, the stretch of our healthcare system, a fight for basic human rights, political agitation and a variable economy, but it will also be when we met the love of our lives. If you became pregnant, are pregnant, or delivering during this time- I don’t feel bad for you. I solute you. Know that you are not alone and never underestimate the strength of a woman ❤️”

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