Postpartum Rage

Postpartum Rage

“This is postpartum rage.

Can you see it? Me neither.

🌙Under the smiles, the pretty clothes, the beauty of the still moment: were feelings. Feelings that I was frustrated by my baby. Feelings that I was worried about her screaming the entire car ride on our next errand, to build in my frustration + resentment. Feelings of anger. About my own baby. Feelings of guilt. Wondering if I’m going to blow up with the next cry. What will my next trigger be?

😊I’m sharing this to show that postpartum anxiety, depression, or rage don’t LOOK how you would “expect” them to look. And they DON’T make you a bad mother.

When you’re looking at beautiful Instagram feeds with moms of newborns who seem to be in a complete state of bliss, with beautiful homes, children in matching outfits, and the perfect “always-cozy” setting— remember: maybe they captured a great moment of their day! But also remember: there may be more beneath the photo. They are real people. Real mamas. Postpartum rage can look beautiful, fulfilling, breathtaking, stunning in a photo if we want it to. I WAS this mama! 😩

Some things we can do if we are struggling with PPR:

+ Acknowledge your trigger symptoms:
🤍Are they physical? Do you feel your BP rising, your heart racing? Do you start to feel hot?
🤍Are they emotional? Do you start feeling extremely overwhelmed suddenly, very anxious & frustrated?
🤍Maybe a combo?

+ Develop a game plan on how to handle the situation once you feel your trigger symptoms beginning
🤍Can your partner take over while you take a walk?
🤍Can you set your baby down in a safe place (crib, pack n play) and walk outside for 2 minutes to have a breather? YES, this is ALWAYS OKAY!
🤍Can you start counting all the BLUE things you see in the room? Or shift your mind to focus on all of the different colors you can find in the room?

👏🏼Recognizing triggers, symptoms, & having a game plan is a great route in starting to manage your PPA, PPD, and PPR. Of course, letting your doctor know and talking with someone is the next step!”

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