Elle’s Breastfeeding Journey

Elle’s Breastfeeding Journey

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“All the boobie shots because it’s #worldbreastfeedingweek and all mamas should feel like they can #dropthecover!

Even though my breastfeeding journey with Crew has come to an end, I am grateful for the months I had feeding him from my own body.

Yes, there were many challenging, discouraging and awkward moments. There were times I felt like a circus performer…a very untrained one.

But with support, perseverance, patience and a lot of nipple shields, I ended up breastfeeding for 7 months.

To some that may not sound like a long time (and maybe to others, like ages!), but I am proud of those 7 months and I’m proud of how I’m feeding him now — formula in a bottle.

To all the mamas out there, remember #fedisbest! Be proud of breastfeeding in public, the tedious spoon feedings, providing a feeding tube, or formula…however!

You are doing so, very well!”

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