Whitney’s Breastfeeding Journey

Whitney’s Breastfeeding Journey

“It’s world breastfeeding week! ⁣
The theme this year is “Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet”⁣

At first I was only going to breastfeed for a month, and then it turned into three and then six and now here we are getting closer to one and I definitely don’t see an end in sight! 😂⁣
I wake up every day feeling so grateful that breast feeding worked out for us and while it has not always been easy, it has been worth it. ⁣
It has been so empowering to see Bodhi grow and flourish and know that it is because of my body💪⁣

At one time the thought of breast feeding made me very anxious, but I’m so happy to say that it has become my favorite thing about motherhood. ⁣
I love the way Bodhi looks at me and smiles while he nurses. I love how he curls my hair and shirt into his hands.⁣
I love the early morning feeds and all of the snuggles. ⁣

I know that this is not the experience of all moms and that’s okay! We all do what is best for us and our babies. And I hope that we as a culture begin to remove the stigma of breast feeding and support new moms so that they feel confident and supported in the hospital, at home and in the work place. ⁣
I hope to see more BIPOC in breast feeding ads and more cities and businesses support moms who choose to drop the cover.⁣

All moms should be correctly informed and supported so that they choose whatever feeding journey works best for them. ⁣

I am going to to soak up every moment we have left in this journey because I’ll be sad when it comes to an end ❤️⁣”

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