Postpartum Isn’t Glamorous

Postpartum Isn’t Glamorous

“No fancy picture here today. Dirty mirror, dirty hair, dirty bathroom. ⠀

Postpartum isn’t glamorous.⠀

It’s wet bed sheets from postpartum sweats and breastmilk leakage. It’s maxi pads filled with blood. It’s vaginal pain and butt pain mixed with a little back pain here and there. It’s waking up with bigger boobs than you’ve ever had in your life, accompanied by an unmatched soreness and tenderness. It’s sleep deprivation. It’s not being able to sit down without a pillow under your butt. It’s feeling a blood clot start to pass and racing to the bathroom. It’s being thirstier than you’ve ever been in your life. It’s having to take stool softener to be able to poop. ⠀

It’s hard. It’s worth it, but it’s hard.⠀

So here I am, with breast-milk soaked nursing pads and an extra large maxi pad showing up to say- hey, it’s not glamorous. It’s not all cuddles and cute photos and rainbows. It’s hard work. And I hope you know that you’re not alone.”⠀

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