Double Rainbow Baby..

Double Rainbow Baby..

We’ve been holding this in for a while now but…Surprise! Baby Anderson due October 2020 and we are SO thrilled! ❤️ We were very hesitant in announcing this pregnancy early on as it is our third one.

Our first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage back to back last year and it crushed us. Nothing can EVER prepare you for such heartbreak, disappointment, guilt and shame. I carried around so much pain in my heart and battled with God on why this happened to us. It took late night talks with our pastor, counseling, constant prayers and honestly just time to work through our pain and heartbreak.


But we are so blessed beyond measure with each passing day we have with this little one. This pregnancy means more to us than we could ever express and we are already SO head over heels in love with this sweet double rainbow baby..🌈 To those who long to start a family and have/are suffering from whatever your roadblock is, our hearts are with you.. I know how difficult it feels to see a baby announcement and yearn for the same thing.. We pray God covers you in His love and gives you the desires of your heart! 🙏”

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