Finally Getting The Chance To Begin IVF

Finally Getting The Chance To Begin IVF

“We waited a year to just have a chance to BEGIN. We finally got the green light to start our IVF protocol! After delayed appointments, cancel cycles due to COVID, and moving our funds back and forth from emergency medical funds for Caleb to IVF.. we are FINALLY here. And by “here” I mean the starting line.

To catch you up, 98% of men with cystic fibrosis experience infertility due to the vas deferens (highway for sperm) not fully being developed.

One of the first questions Caleb had asked me when we met was how many kids did I want — in which I replied 3! His heart sank and almost immediately gave up on the idea of pursuing our relationship because he felt like he couldn’t make my dreams a reality.

It’s been a solid roller coaster the past six years.. navigating on what our future could look like, researching IVF and IUI, stressing over the finance of just attempting to have children of our own, exploring our curiosity around adoption, and trying to stay center in our excitement for whatever our future “family” journey will entail.

While we have no idea what the outcome will be for us as we start our IVF cycle, we are confident that we aren’t on this journey alone.

Time to make a baby and we are letting you watch 🤪”

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