Breastfeeding Myths

Breastfeeding Myths

Breastfeeding Myths by: @mrs.caitlin_fought

If you lose your supply you can never get it back.⁣
I lost my supply TWICE with my first born and I’m here to say it’s definitely possible to build it back up. It’s not all lost when you lose your supply!⁣

Here are some tips to build your supply back:⁣

• Latch/pump as often as you can. This tells your body to produce more milk because there’s a higher demand for it! With Ella I would latch her every hour even if I ended up giving her formula that feeding until I built up my supply.⁣

• Stay hydrated! Did you know 90% of breastmilk is water??⁣

• Make sure you’re eating enough. Breastfeeding moms burn an extra 500 calories a day! It takes energy to produce breastmilk.⁣

• And finally: It’s always ok to ask for help! Reach out to your OB or a lactation consultant! They’ll be more than happy to help you in your journey. ❤️⁣

It’s world breastfeeding week! Did you know that in one year on average, a mama spends 1800 hours when breastfeeding – that’s almost as much as a full time job (1960 hours). Breastfeeding can be tough enough as it is, without dealing with judgments, convictions and expectations set by someone else’s reality. It doesn’t mean it’s a universal truth for you! So, it’s time to expose some common misconceptions and bust some myths.⁣

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