Multi-Tasking Mama

Multi-Tasking Mama

“Multi•tasking mama // as #worldbreastfeedingweek comes to an end, i want to first and foremost recognize that this isn’t always an option or choice for many mamas out there. so whatever the circumstance, just remember—as long as your baby is loved, well nourished, + taken care of, ultimately that is what matters most.

With that, it was my personal decision to breastfeed both of my babes—kamryn for 10 months and kingston exclusively for 13 months + counting. with both kids, the journey wasn’t always the easiest—thrush, low supply, mastitis, clogged ducts, etc.—but we did it [and are still doing it] and for that, i am grateful.

so to all the breastfeeding mamas, the formula feeding mamas, the donor mamas, the supplemental mamas—I SEE YOU & want you to know that you are doing an amazing job.”

Instagram: @okaylexgetit

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