Emotions of Labor

Emotions of Labor

“MY many faces & emotions of labor & delivery 🦋..
I never shared my labor & delivery story/photos because well.. my pictures aren’t like what most moms post. I didn’t think I looked or felt beautiful. I would always talk about how crazy I looked & how ridiculous my crying face is. Until I realized, why be ashamed because I didn’t look “done up?” I brought LIFE into this world—my SON. One of my dearest loves & greatest accomplishments; I should be proud of that! Because as you can see, it wasn’t easy…

Fast forward to the hospital.. my contractions didn’t start for a while because my water broke at home so I was put on pitocin to help get things going. About an hour & a half into the contractions, I got the epidural. Once it kicked in I thought it’d be smooth sailing—NOPE. I then began to spike a fever so the nurses kept placing ice packs behind my neck & under my arms. I was already freezing cold & shivering from side effects of the epidural. So yeah, I had a hard time trying to sleep. Fast forward to pushing time.. finally! As you can see, I was having a VERY hard time. I would push & push with everyone saying “he’s so close!” “We see him!” “Keep pushing!” As if I wasn’t pushing my hardest! That’s when the frustration came in & I began to get upset. I would cry, scream in pain from my epidural wearing off, & yell back at everyone lol. I was upset & confused because D3 just wasn’t coming out. By that time I was TIRED & felt like giving up.. Come to find out, he was stuck! His shoulder was stuck behind my bone. His head was already out & his face began turning a little blue. At one point everyone had crazy looks on their faces (like pic 4) & my aunt had to exit because it was that scary. So the doc went in with her hand & arm, grabbed D3, twisted him and pulled him out. I know, “OUCH!” Right? YEAH! I screamed to the top of my lungs! I swear people in the hall probably thought I was dying lol..

But he was out! Thank God he was finally out! Safe. Healthy. Beautiful. It could’ve gone so differently. It was scary, painful & I looked crazy! But was also sooo perfect. & if you asked me would I do it all over again? My answer would be 100000x YES! 💙🕊✨”

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