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Baby’s First Home

“Though I’m your first home, I’m creating another space that physically will fill you with love and memories my son.“

After my mom left my dad when I was younger, we spent a lot of years living in other people’s spaces. Their extra bedroom was what we called “home” and it always felt like I couldn’t call my space my own. But my mom always made sure to make our space feel like it was mines. She would paint it and buy all kinds of decorations. She constantly reminded me to be content with where we were even if we desired something to call our own. It’s probably the reason I’ve never felt like we didn’t have enough even if it was just us two.

As I prepare this second time around to be a mom of two, I’ve been reflecting a lot about what I want our home to say but also how I want it to feel. No matter how small or big this apartment might be, what I really want for it to say is that love is growing here. I want them to remember these walls but also all the times we laughed and played within them. What I want them to feel mostly is that Rubén and I will always be their first home.
We have yet to officially name this baby, but “Baby love” has been his name. I’ll share that story another time.

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