You Were Worth The Wait

You Were Worth The Wait

“You Were Worth the Wait” is ready to GO!

👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽a sentence I still can’t believe I’m saying!!!

you know this has been a LONG time coming + I’m absolutely speechless as we announce this launch!😭.

I never in my life believed that this would be a reality, but my lifelong dream has come true + today I am absolutely honored to share this part of my heart with you.

this book is the story of our baby, for our baby. it’s written from the perspective of a parent in waiting + it’s dedicated to all of the couples who know the various hardships of building a family.

our hope is that this book meets you wherever you are in your journey, a tangible piece of hope to hold onto.

if you’re struggling to build the family of your dreams, I wish so badly that I could come + sit with you + hug you. it’s a hard road, but we want you to always remember that you’re not alone.

we are here for you + we wrote this book for YOU! to help you remember what you’re fighting for + to give you hope. think of it as a “hug in a box.”

it is with the biggest smile + all of the tears that I finally announce: OUR BOOK IS READY!

here’s how to order:

🎉 go to (***you must access from your web browser + not

🎉 it will take you to our website. click the page titled, “book.”

🎉 click “add to cart” + it will take you through payment + shipping options

🎉 US ORDERS, LISTEN UP! please, please order from our website. by ordering directly from us, it immediately supports us as a small biz. we are signing, wrapping, + praying over every book that leaves our home.

🎉 INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: your best option will be to order from amazon + the link is ready for you on the same page on our website!

🎉 come back here + comment “DONE🎉” once you’ve ordered!

🎉 when you get your book, take ALL the pics + then tag us on IG so we can see + follow your story! use the hashtag #YouWereWorththeWait


thank you for letting us be apart of your journey + we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being apart of ours. 🎉📚✨🖤”

Order yours today >>

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