Natassia’s Pregnancy Journey

Natassia’s Pregnancy Journey

1- How did you tell your husband that you were pregnant?

After being 5 days late while in California visiting my family for Christmas vacation, I decided to take the test the very same day we got back home. My husband was at a work dinner, so I was able to take it alone .. with the support of my PomaPoo Daisy of course. I recorded the entire thing on my phone, because I wanted to feel like we were both part of that BIG MOMENT of finding out even though I was taking the test alone.
Once it all sunk in that we were going to have a BABY, I started planning the big reveal. I had to get creative, since I hadn’t stopped talking about being late for my period every single day that went by. My husband even joked saying that I would never be able to surprise him.
So here’s how the plan went down..
I texted him saying I had gotten my period and was super bummed about it. I even complained about cramps when he got home and threw out a tampon wrapper in the trash so that he didn’t suspect anything.
I placed an Amazon order for Baby Golf Shoes and a onesie to put it in one of his Shoe Boxes, so I could pretend it was a late Christmas Gift that didn’t arrive on time. I actually DID have a late Christmas Gift to give him that he KNEW about.. so it was perfect! Only issue is that I had to wait THREE DAYS for it to arrive. Needless to say.. LONGEST THREE DAYS EVER!!
Once I had all of my goodies.. I put it all in one of his Shoe Boxes (including both pregnancy tests) and wrapped it.
We went out to dinner, came home.. and I told him it was time for him to finally get to open his late Christmas Gift. (Obviously I already had my phone secretly setup to record the entire thing)
As soon as the wrapping came off he thought I had gotten him Cole Haan shoes lol.. I told him to keep opening.
All of a sudden he just froze — as he saw the baby onesie that said “Our Greatest Adventure is About to Begin” with the baby shoes and pregnancy tests. He immediately looked over at me (I was already bawling at this point) and kept asking “Are you serious? Are you serious?”
After lots of excitement F bombs, we both hugged and cried. It’s now by far my FAVORITE video EVER to watch.
2- Tell us a little bit about your pregnancy journey
My husband and I decided we wanted to wait on kids until after at LEAST one year of marriage. We wanted to travel and explore life as Husband and Wife without all of the stress that comes with being first time parents. And let’s be real.. the first year after marriage you’re still learning how to be Husband and Wife.. so adding another title of Daddy and Mommy would be too much.
(We dated for 6 years prior to getting married, so most of these discussions had taken place prior to marriage)
After about a year and a half, we began entertaining the idea of having a baby. But then a little bit of fear would kick in and we would say “let’s just wait another month”. A few months went by and we decided for me to get my IUD removed. Our approach was that we weren’t “trying” but we weren’t “stopping it” either. Whatever was meant to be would be.
Part of me was fearful that we would struggle even though we weren’t technically “trying”, because I have so many girlfriends who have had a very tough time with their own pregnancy journeys.
After about a month of “not trying” I was too deep in my head and decided to download an app to track when I was ovulating.. still telling myself I wasn’t “trying” lol. We were both incredibly lucky to be so fortunate to have gotten pregnant a few months after that.
FUN FACT- I jokingly told my husband I wanted to get pregnant for Christmas.. and well- Santa delivered! He now thinks he’s off the hook forever on Christmas gifts lol.
3- How are you feeling throughout your pregnancy
Welp! I wish that I was one of those women who could say they had the EASIEST pregnancy EVER and that they LOVED being pregnant.. but NOT ME. Add a Pandemic on top of it all .. and well, let’s just say it’s been UNIQUE.
My First Trimester I was nauseous ALL THE TIME. Never actually throwing up, but always felt like I was on the verge. Also .. ZERO energy.
Second Trimester, I began to experience HORRIBLE migraines! I’m talking every sound or light would make me feel like my head was going to explode. Towards the end and into my Third Trimester, is when I began to somewhat feel “normal”.
Third Trimester has by far been my favorite for a few different reasons. It allowed me to really FEEL my baby.. and begin that bond. In the beginning I KNEW I was pregnant, but it didn’t really register for me. I don’t know, maybe I was a late bloomer in the whole “pregnancy bonding feeling”.
Another thing that was hard for me to deal with was the FAST weight gain. We were in the middle of a pandemic .. so obviously with Quarantine and Pure Barre being closed, it didn’t help AT ALL. I’ve always had a consistent weight, so to see the lbs going up at such a fast pace was very new for me.
I also hated the fact that any time I tried to talk to people about struggling mentally with my weight gain, I was immediately shut down by “Well be grateful that you have a healthy baby”. Like, NO SHIT! That’s a given!! But I believe women should be allowed to experience BOTH feelings — Absolutely HATE gaining a ton of weight while being VERY grateful for having the chance to carry a healthy baby.
Lastly.. I do have to say it has been challenging not getting sad over having to cancel so many “Firsts” due to covid. Like my first ever Baby Shower, getting to park the car in a parking space reserved for expectant mothers… or just being out and about in cute maternity dresses showing off the bump.
YES, I know these are such small things in the grand scheme of things.. and I’m lucky to have a healthy baby .. but I believe being pregnant (especially for the first time) during a Pandemic has been extremely hard on mamas to be.
Aside from all of the not so positive things I mentioned above.. I have been enjoying the maturing process women go through during pregnancy. It is still WILD to me that we are able to create little humans and carry them in our bellies for nine months. Truly MAGICAL and BADASS if you ask me!

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  1. Awe, such a cute post! You had the sweetest shower tho!! I hope you don’t think it was ALL ruined by Covid… 😢

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