Postpartum In A Pandemic

Postpartum In A Pandemic

“Few months ago, I would have deleted this picture, let alone post it on Instagram. The only reason to post this is if even one mom reads this and finds comfort in my company, that’s worth it.
We planned everything around the delivery in advance but did not anticipate how different I would feel postpartum. We did not anticipate doing all this alone!

We were supposed to have family around to come stay with us, friends visit us, go out for stroller walks, have mom meetups. But here I am, juggling between babies, thinking if I should take a nap or spend some time with my older one or do some laundry.
As new parents, you always look up to other parents for guidance on the best things to do for yourself and your babies. But the pandemic has left us all by ourselves. There is no book that tells us how to raise kids during a pandemic. Nobody has the right answers.
But what has kept us sane during these trying times are those daily calls&messages from family&friends. Being all by ourselves, I can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate the regular conversations we have with them. You usually think it is best to not disturb new parents with constant calls. But trust me, they like to be checked upon, especially during these crazy times. They’ll know that despite being socially distant, they got you! Don’t just ask about the baby but ask about the parents too. Before asking me about my kids, my mother asks me about my well being and my recovery and that makes such a difference to my mental health.
These are hard times. If you are a parent and are going through a day filled with a rollercoaster of emotions,don’t be too hard on yourself. Talk it out-with your partner, family, friends or just reach out to me. Having a conversation worked wonders for my sanity.For you, it might be taking 5 minutes out & scrolling through social media or watching YouTube video, or maybe just reading a page from your favorite book. I’d strongly urge you to find something that gives you a sense of comfort&solace. It’s so easy to focus on our kids that we might forget these are unprecedented times for us too. A happy mama is after all a happy household♥️

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