Take The Picture!

Take The Picture!

“While leading up to taking maternity photos I fantasized about the “perfect pregnancy belly.” Perfectly round, tight skin & a popped belly button. But when I looked in the mirror I saw stretch marks, the bottom of my belly fat, and a not so “round,” bump. Truth is, maternity clothes do wonders for your bump. They round you out, suck you in and help you feel confident. The minute my bump started to show I loved to show it off. But my bare naked bump… different story. Being plus size and pregnant is much different than a typical pregnancy. I had a bigger belly to begin with. I always asked myself, “Am I even going to look pregnant or just fat?” When my belly started to grow, it stretch from my belly button to my rib cage, leaving my “ponch,” as I like to call it, hanging at the bottom. It never got rounder or harder. It’s been squishy the entire time. I’ve worn underwear and pants that come up to my boobs to hide it. I’ve avoided wearing anything that would emphasize the bottom of my belly.

Although quite confident of my body on most days, I struggled to love certain parts of “my bump.” I would only rub the top part because it was the only part that felt pregnant to me. While getting my photos done my photographer suggested to take everything off. I wasn’t opposed, but I was afraid of what I looked like. I wore a flowey dress to hide the imperfections. I wore a dark coloured kimono to hide my rolls, and so it covered certain parts of me. But I accepted the challenge willingly. My photographer said to me, “trust me, you’re going to LOVE looking back at these.” And dang, she was so right. The minute I saw the photo of myself I didn’t see my belly fat, stretch marks, cellulite or any other imperfection. All I saw was that my body was carrying a baby, my baby. My body was carrying my baby so perfectly. My body was capable of carrying my baby. It wasn’t until I saw that photo that I truly fell in love with my body.

There is no such thing as a “perfect bump.” All women’s bodies are made differently, but they are all made with capability of carrying a baby. We are beautiful, strong, CAPABLE women! Our bumps are created wonderfully just for our babies.”

Instagram: @tromans.journey.to.3
Photography: @happilyevereltonphotography

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