10 Days Postpartum

10 Days Postpartum

“I took this today 10 days postpartum , to remind myself of what the body is capable of .
The other day i got on Pinterest and searched “postpartum” in hopes of finding inspiration for self love and all i could find was how to lose weight quickly in “6 weeks” ..

After i gave birth to my first born, Mason, i was so focused on losing the weight that i started working out right away instead of enjoying my new role as a mama .

It didn’t allow my body to heal and i was robbed of so much joy, not this time , i just birthed two whole human being , two humans i grew inside me for 8 Months, i think i deserve all the love and praise i can get ✨🤍
Isn’t flat , quiet squishy , almost lumpy but it’s me and it does amazing things
This is postpartum , beautiful and worthy of being loved.”

Instagram: @gypsy.roo

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