I Am Beautiful

I Am Beautiful

“I am beautiful ✨

I struggled for a really long time.

Towards the 30 week mark during my first pregnancy I saw no stretch marks.

I felt so proud and happy thinking “I made it”

I drank so much water and covered myself in lotion/oils.

But the last couple of weeks my husband noticed a mark.

This mark was sooooooo far down my belly I would of never been able to see it

but when I was laying in a chair one day Zach said the one thing I did NOT want to hear…

“Hey babe I think you have a stretch mark?”

After my daughter was born, more appeared and I felt so….. ugly

My body was no longer housing my daughter and I was left with saggy skin, swollen legs and arms, stretch marks on my stomach, thighs and calf’s.

With time most faded away but the ones that were really bad stayed.

It took a really long time for me to say nice things about myself.

I feel ashamed about how bad I would talk about myself.

No matter how many times Zach would call me beautiful, I didn’t feel it.

Until one day… it clicked.

I looked myself in the mirror and these words came out…

“You created life in that belly, you grew a human and birthed a human. You are strong, beautiful and you mean the world to your daughter. Do you think she looks at your stretch marks and think your ugly? Absolutely not. She doesn’t even care what marks are on you because those marks make you… you. And that is the most beautiful thing”

Why was I looking at myself like I was ugly or unworthy of love?

Whenever I look at my body now, all I see is a beautiful and bad ass mom who grew and birthed TWO babies and now growing another ❤️

I look at myself and see superwoman… because that’s exactly who I am.

These marks on my body tell a beautiful story and I am so proud of them ✨

📷: my body after two babies and 7 weeks pregnant ❤️

Instagram: @mamaandcubwellness

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