Blunt Postpartum

Blunt Postpartum

“Allow me to paint a picture…

You’ve just given birth to an angel. It’s the most magical moment of your life. While she’s on your chest, the doctors ask you to push one more time so that you can birth the placenta, (😳) then push repeatedly on your (extremely sore) uterus to get out excess after birth. (They will continue to do this multiple times a day while you’re in the hospital, and it NEVER gets more comfortable.)

After a bit, they take the babe for weight/length, then bring her back to try and breastfeed. While the doctor stitches you up, you feel the first pains (and joys) of breastfeeding.

After an hour or so, you move to your new living quarters. You drop the baby off to get a shot and various tests, and you are wheeled to your room.

Once you get there, a nurse (aka angel sent from heaven) helps you to the bathroom and coaches you on your new potty time routine.

That routine goes a little something like this:
1) Fill a squirt bottle with warm water and use it to encourage the flow. Then, use it again when you’re done and CAREFULLY dab with toilet paper.
2) Slowly step into your new fancy mesh underwear.
3) Prepare your adult diaper by folding what can only be described as a doggy pee pad in thirds, and place it in the center.
4) Snap your perineal ice pack in half, shake it to activate, and sprinkle some water on it to keep it cold. Place that on top of the liner.
5) Put a couple witch hazel pads on top of the pile.
6) Before pulling up your new gorgeous diaper, spray your unders with dermoplast to help with the pain.

Now, repeat this every time you go to the bathroom. Which is especially simple when your baby is screaming and wants to feed without breaks…

For weeks, sitting up and walking are hard as hell. As is changing your diaper. Not to mention the terror of coughing/laughing and pooping. My god, and the nipple pain. All while catering to a new human 24 hours a day.

This is 5 weeks postpartum. Still bleeding, using pads, milk supply supplements, and stool softener. Boobs are sore AF.

This sh*t is hard, complicated, and never ending. Tears come fast and often.

THIS is the fourth trimester.
And no one talks about it.
So I am.”

Instagram: @bluntmotherhood

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