TIPS For Surviving The 1st Trimester When You’re Chasing A Tot:

TIPS For Surviving The 1st Trimester When You’re Chasing A Tot:

TIPS for surviving the 1st trimester when you’re chasing a tot:

1️⃣ Don’t beat yourself up! Accept that you will just NOT be an overachiever right now. The priority is your health and wellness and the needs of your growing family.

2️⃣ Try to encourage your tot to be independent. This is easier said than done (obviously) but with D I would set up a play area and he’ll just play on his own for a little which gives me time to breathe and a moment of rest.

3️⃣ Nap whenever possible. Even a snooze as short as 20 minutes helps!

4️⃣ Don’t be shy to enlist help. Ask your partner or family members to spare some time to take your little one out so you can rest. This is so important!

5️⃣ If you can check off things on your to-do list by online shopping then by god DO THAT 🙏🏽🤣 Save yourself from running around and expending energy!

6️⃣ Find ways to play with your babe so that you are able to sit comfortably. For example, find activities to do where you can lean back or sit on a chair or couch. It will save your back a lot of pain believe me.

7️⃣ Allow yourself moments to just feel emotional. It’s a lot. Your hormones will go a little crazy and it’s just part of the journey. Know that it’s normal and you are not alone. It’ll all be worth it ❤️

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