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C-Section Recovery Tips

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I was chatting to a friend about how incredible the body is from recovering from any kind of surgery.

But one thing I don’t feel like you get much advice with having a C Section is what to expect & what you can do to help the recovery process. 83% of you said on my poll that you haven’t done any scar rehab. I try to useΒ @nessaorganicsΒ before bed when I am not a complete zombie that & spend a few minutes to massage the scar area & the Pilates classes recently have helped me reconnect with my core too.

After doingΒ @hannahjohnsontherapiesΒ &Β @roxyfitblogΒ course the last 4 weeks I wanted to share their top tips for c-section recovery:

1. Rest! This is the most important thing you can do to aid your body’s own healing processes. Ask for & accept help as much as you can. I don’t feel they treat it like major surgery even though they say it is – with the focus being on the baby try not to forget about yourself too!

2. Eat well. Make sure you are eating protein with every meal & snack. Protein contains amino acids which are the building blocks for tissue repair & regeneration. Eating a balanced plate as much as possible to get all the nutrients your body needs (trust me I know it’s hard with little time) – lots of food prep before the baby arrives is ideal!

3. Breathe. Place your hand on your scar or just above, practice breathing deeply into your tummy – this is great for starting to reconnect with it.Β 

4. Massage. Using some oil on whole abdomen in a clockwise direction (avoiding your scar until it is fully healed). Re-establishing connection with your core is so important after birth. If you don’t like the idea of touching your tummy directly, try some circular massage through your clothes to start with.

5.Β  Scar massage. As soon as your scar is fully healed & completely dry you can start to massage your scar (check with GP if you’re not sure). Start slowly & gently, it may feel tender but it shouldn’t be painful. If it is stop. Place your fingers above your scar, push down gently, then move your fingers up & down & side to side.

Comfort is key, as you can see I still believe that πŸ˜† these actually aren’t a set & the bra is fromΒ @bravadodesignsΒ & pantsΒ @tuclothing

I try not to look back at photos of how my body has changed, rather look after it the best I can now.

How are you feeling postpartum? πŸ’•β€

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