6 things I WISH I KNEW my first pregnancy

6 things I WISH I KNEW my first pregnancy

6 things I WISH I KNEW my first pregnancy 🤰👇🏼
Even though Blake was my third baby, I was surprised at how much I learned during my last pregnancy! I found so many new tricks & tools that helped relieve pregnancy pains, reduce stress & improve my sleep! Here’s what I wish I would’ve known for my first pregnancy:

1. Pregnancy Teas -I found so many awesome pregnancy teas that helped ease morning sickness, boosted my energy & prepared my body for labor.

2. Magnesium – I used the Calm Magnesium supplement every night during my third pregnancy. It helped reduce leg cramps and improved sleep & digestion!

3. Prenatal Chiropractor – I used to think back pain was just part of pregnancy….but I learned that our bodies shift so much to make room for baby it can easily put your body out of alignment! Visiting a chiropractor regularly helped get my body back into alignment make room for baby in my pelvis.

4. Stability Balls & Cushions – I spent a lot of time sitting down during my pregnancy. Whether I was folding laundry, playing with the girls on the floor or working at my desk, it was hard to get comfortable. I switched to using a stability ball and a cushion and it made a huge difference!

5. Maternity Clothes are worth it – My first pregnancy I thought maternity clothes were a waste of money. I wish I knew that a couple pairs of maternity leggings are SO worth the investment! Comfort is everything and I ended up wearing leggings every single day!

6. Belly breathing – I remember being so confused about core exercises during my first pregnancy! I wish I knew about belly breathing! It’s such a simple way to connect with & engage your core
What do you wish you knew your first pregnancy?! Leave your reply below.

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  1. Interesting list! As for the maternity clothes, I too didn’t want to waste money on something I would wear for a few months, but I found there are so many items that can be worn after the baby is born too!

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