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My Pre-Pandemic Pregnancy Did Nothing to Prepare Me For My Current One- @Sheknows

Extreme Morning Sickness May Be Linked to Depression During & After Pregnancy – @SheKnows

What You Need to Know About Covid-19 and Pregnancy- @ The Wall Street Journal

When we lost our baby at 23 weeks, I didn’t realize how important a virtual network would be – @Washington Post

The Best Gifts for Pregnant Women, According to Pregnant Women – @nymag

FDA’s warning to pregnant women: Pain medication in 2nd half of pregnancy could lead to complications -@abcnews

Grandfather Pleads Guilty in Toddler’s Fatal Fall on Cruise Ship, Family Supports Him -@Parents

10 Outdated Disney Movies Parents Won’t Show Their Kids, According to New Poll- @Parents

Why I Can’t Bring Myself To Decorate My Baby’s Nursery -@Scary Mommy

100 baby names you’ve probably never heard of –

How to celebrate Halloween safely during COVID-19 -@Today’s Parents

First Major Study On Child Care And COVID-19 Spread Is Here — And It’s Not Terrible- @Huffpost

For Pregnant Women, a Push to Head Off Depression Before It Starts- @New York Times

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