Covid During Pregnancy

Covid During Pregnancy

“COVID during pregnancy

I’m not alone when I say this..

But never did I think I would be pregnant during a worldwide pandemic

During this time I’m trying to learn patience… and lots of it

I got frustrated at the thought of my husband never being able to be at my doctors appointment

I have no problem going alone but the fact that he CANT is what gets to me

Some nights I find myself worrying about the birth and what will it be like next year

Second wave is among us so will it truly be as bad as they say?

When entering the doctors office, hospital or ultrasound clinic I take a deep breath, use my hand sanitizer and wear my mask to protect others

I stay as far as I can from others and follow proper protocol

What else can you do?

Not only do I have to think about my health but now I have to focus on protecting my baby more than ever

Taking it one day at a time, one appointment at a time and one breath at a time

I know deep down everything is okay and we will be okay

But sometimes anxiety gets the best of me

Im here to tell you I get it mama

I’m here for you

And I stand with you

Just focus on the happiness, focus on the positives no matter how hard it can be some days.

There’s always a positive

Just gotta look for it ❤️”

Instagram: @mamaandcubwellness

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