The Guilt Onion

The Guilt Onion

Can we chat about the guilt onion?

Remember how we talked about good stress still feeling like stress nonetheless to our bodies? Well, I’m feeling a bit of that today, resulting in guilt. It’s stress I’m blessed to have as opposed to negative stress, because this version is a direct result of following my passion.

But it wouldn’t be truthful if I didn’t admit that it’s a bit overwhelming raising kids and simultaneously working. I struggle with it. The guilt tends to wash over me, and often. Because though I’m working and raising the kids, I also have help with them. And just like that, another layer of guilt is formed. That damn guilt onion.

I’m working on reducing my guilt, because as much as I want to focus on my kids as much as possible, my passions are worthy of attention as well. And my passion also happens to be a blessing that provides for them by putting food on the table.

I think a lot of that stems from allowing others’ opinions’ to add to the guilt.

Women judging each other because one has it “easier” or justifying why another has an advantage is joy lost to comparison.

And while it’s easy to say not to judge one another, it’s harder to do.
Because women have been placed in circumstances to compete against each other since we came out of the womb.

We’ve got to stop being so hard on each other.
So we won’t be so hard on ourselves.

We’re all trying to do our best.
We don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors.
Or if one woman’s struggles are another woman’s triumphs.

This fully stacked, layerable onion of guilt is not going to serve anyone. So we may as well try.”

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