I was ready for all the firsts. But not ready for all the lasts.

I was ready for all the firsts. But not ready for all the lasts.

“The first smile, the first roll, the first step, the first awkward run… as parents, we anticipate and celebrate these milestones with such pride and joy but let me tell you… ⁣

when you box up that bassinet and stare at the empty space where it once lived, and it hits you all at once that last night was the last night your baby would ever share your room again…⁣

Whew. 😭 The emotions of motherhood are not for faint of heart.⁣

Closing any chapter of the motherhood story can be accompanied with a mixture emotions.⁣

Whether it’s:⁣

The last time you nurse your baby.⁣
The last time you change a diaper.⁣
The last time you feed them a bottle.⁣
The last time they need your help using the potty.⁣
The last time they call you “mommy.”⁣
The last open mouth kiss.⁣
The last butt up in the air sleep.⁣

The list goes on…⁣

The crazy part to me is that even when you’re prepared, sometimes you only realize it was the last time in hindsight.⁣

Sometimes there is relief, joy and happiness in closing a chapter while other times there may be grief or longing or sorrow – sometimes it’s a mixture of many feelings.⁣

Just know that whatever you’re feeling – it’s normal and healthy to allow yourself to feel.⁣

And let’s be real, I’m sure I’ll share my bedroom again. But boxing up this bassinet hit different, as the kids say. ⁣

Have you had any lasts recently?⁣”

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