Postpartum Periods

Postpartum Periods

“P o s t p a r t u m • p e r i o d s..

I was aware about the after birth period, I mean.. who isn’t? But what I never really spoke about with others is periods after having a child.

I actually wasn’t aware about all the changes that could happen. I don’t remember ever having the conversation with my midwife about it either.

Soon after giving birth, there where many different contraception methods tried, but none agreed with me.

We opted for the natural form and thankfully my periods had started coming back too.

I mean, all periods suck. But since becoming a mother my periods are extremely irregular, my belly pops out and is hard and sore (I’m forever wearing oversized dresses or tops to avoid the awkwardness and rumours). My hormones are horrendous to the point a week before I should be due on, I cry every day and feel so low. I wake up tired even if I’ve had a full nights sleep. The period cramps remind me of the early contractions I once had and keep me awake at night.

Do you know this can happen because you have a larger uterine cavity causing more endometrium (mucus lining the uterus) to shed? I didn’t.

Let’s talk about it more, ask more questions through pregnancy and make our friends who are expecting more aware.”

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