Postpartum Real Talk

Postpartum Real Talk

SKIP this post if you’re not into raw talk about real life experiences.

So let’s go there! First postpartum poos, stitches, tearing, hemorrhoids, after birth uterine cramps, nose bleeds and engorged breasts….⁣

We prep so much for pregnancy and birth but what about the postpartum (PP) period?! ⁣

Everyone’s PP experience is different. I’m just here to share mine.⁣

Despite Elias being smaller than Levi (although head circumference not by much-2cm), I still tore, and tore over the same areas as last time.⁣

I’ve been asked by a number of people how many stitches I got. I didn’t ask, instead I wanted to know WHERE I tore, My OB said I have both internal and external tearing. External- perineum. Internal- from the vaginal opening to the back wall of the vagina and downwards to the top of the rectum. OUCH!😖⁣

Sitting and standing really hurts. In hospital we applied lots of ice packs down there which was relieving☺️. But wet, bloody stitches makes it hard to keep dry for healing. Since being home I’ve been using a hairdryer (on cool) to fan the stitches and it feels great!🌬⁣

With every toilet trip I use a perineal bottle filled with warm water or warm water + witch hazel, and pour it over the area to reduce the acidic sting of urine on stitches. Gentle is key! I have a herbal Sitz bath too which I’ll use at some point. ⁣

The cramping after birth is painful! They feel like contractions all over again. The uterus cramps down especially while you breastfeed to help reduce its size. During the early days of breastfeeding and uterine cramping you may notice that you lose gushes of blood. Apparently the post birth cramps get worse with each baby 🥴. ⁣

Adult disposable undies AKA nappies have been a godsend! I passed a few clots the first few days and bled heavily. They are comfy and doubled up with pads, they don’t leak or cause me to make a mess. Going through so many pairs of underwear would have been exhausting. ⁣

💩The first poo! HOW SCARY 🤯 Feeling like your stitches will bust open is not nice. Taking stool softeners (lactulose) has been a must for me, especially because I have a hemorrhoid from pushing.

O- I want to avoid straining at all costs. (Coughing and sneezing also makes everything hurt down there). I’ve been focusing on a high fiber diet, lots of water, and probiotics to avoid constipation.⁣

Pushing a baby out is serious business! I burst blood vessels in my nose when I pushed, and I have had chunky dried blood in my nose for the last week🥴.⁣

SORE BOOBS😭😬- Elias had a marathon night of cluster feeding on night 2, feeding every 45min-1hr which was SO exhausting. He was stimulating my breasts to start producing milk. The day after, my milk came in, breasts became very painful and engorged. Hard as rocks! The midwives gave me frozen nappies and ice packs to put on my breasts to relieve the pain. Elias couldn’t latch on due the size and hardness, so I ended up expressing milk to relieve the pressure and help Elias latch better. I know it’s not ideal but I felt so much better for it!⁣

Before leaving the hospital I had to get my infusions. It really takes teamwork. You can see a photo of Terence holding bub to my breast while I’m getting an infusion (due to the cannula position I couldn’t bend my arm) and collecting dripping breast milk from the opposite breast during letdown. ⁣

Wow what a whirlwind. If you’re struggling during the postpartum period or you had different expectations, know that you’re not alone and that it is hard work! ⁣

Be kind, be gentle to yourself. Give your body time to heal, eat well and rest whenever you can. ❤️❤️❤️”

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