Laura’s IVF Journey

Laura’s IVF Journey

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“I’m finally out the infertility anonymous closet!

Hi all! I’m Laura!

Today I decided to fully take control because the truth is I am MORE than my fertility treatments and infertility is NOT my identity. For months I let my ivf journey and infertility completely consume my identity and take over my life.

I lost friends, I lost hope and most importantly I lost myself.

I’ve come to realise that no matter how much weight I gain, no matter how much I bloat & bruise and no matter how much I cry, I’m going to embrace every moment of this and work on my new identity. The old me with no worries about ttc is long gone. I can’t look at a new born or pregnant woman and feel happiness anymore, that’s just how it is now. That is infertility!!! I’m allowing myself to feel sad now rather than guilt and I remind myself that my worth is far greater than my ability to conceive.

“Our identity has already been chosen for us; It’s up to us to accept it, or fight and change it””

I went back and forth so many times at the thought of posting this photo but this is my reality every other day at the moment..

I think I realllly underestimated IVF and I think I underestimated myself! A few years ago the thought of a smear test really freaked me out. Little did I know the journey I had yet to come.

Sitting in a room full of doctors and nurses with my legs quite literally wide open happens more often than it really should🙈 but this is the reality of Infertility. Regular check ups with Wanda are the easiest part of of it all and every time they go exploring I learn something new!

I now finally have a answer as to why my previous egg transfers were so painfully uncomfortable and possible why they were unsuccessful!! A ‘special catheter’ is what i need to pass through my ‘S’ shaped uterus and my previous doctors were using a ordinary catheter that was basically piercing my uterus (explains all the bleeding). I can’t recommend asking your doctor for a mock transfer in advance, the results can make all the difference!!

I feel now I have answers i am so much more confidant in going forward!

Transfer day is finally here!

It’s finally here! I feel like I’ve waited forever for this day to come and honestly I feel so amazing about it! After having my cycle cancelled 3 times the day before transfer day I decided not to get my hopes up too much and just prepare for the worst but we actually made it!!!

Today I’ll be reunited with my beautiful embabies and hopefully I’ll get to meet them in 9 short months💛

For now this is our last chance as we transfer our last 2 embryos. I’m super nervous but super exited at the same time!?! None of the less we are prepared and my mask and lucky transfer socks are more than ready!

Wish me luck!!I 3rd time lucky ✨

Officially PUPO or how I like to see it..PASP!!

I can not even begin to describe how amazing this transfer was!! I cried I’m so happy with how pain free and smoothly it went I just can’t believe it!

If you’ve followed my journey you’ll know both my first and second transfer were SO painful and I lost a lot of blood during both! I decided to change clinic, ask for a second opinion and completely take control. My new doctor suggested a mock transfer test where he would test what catheter was best and it turns out I needed a completely different catheter to what my previous doctors were using and they were in fact PIERCING my uterus (explains all the blood) and maybe even the failed transfers 🤷🏼‍♀️

… asking for a second opinion and taking control can be so scary but I promise you it can be SO worth it! …

For now I have 2 little embryos hopefully snuggling in tight and finding their new home for the next 9 month.

Stick little ones 🙏✨

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