4 Breastfeeding Tips

4 Breastfeeding Tips

“I can’t believe I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for almost 5 months now! Ty has only had pumped milk in a bottle a few times, so almost all of his feeding has been directly from me.

Breastfeeding is a full time job that I didn’t quite understand until I started! Being my baby’s sole source of nutrition has been challenging, but the bond we share because of it is so special. Ty will be starting solids soon and I’m planning to continue nursing until he stops wanting to.

Although I’ve only been at it for 5 months, here are a few tips for expecting moms:
1. Nipple creams, heating pads, and cooling pads are helpful for pain, which can be pretty rough in the first few weeks

2. If you’re badly engorged, pump it out! Mastitis can be very uncomfortable (I had it once and thought I got COVID 🤦🏽‍♀️)

3. Eat and drink well! Your body prioritizes your baby’s needs, so if you’re not eating well, you can be nutrient deficient. A good diet also helps your milk supply.

4. Don’t compare your journey to other moms. Feeding isn’t one size fits all. Some moms don’t breastfeed, and that’s fine. Some do for a few weeks, and that’s fine. Some do for years, and that’s fine. A fed baby is a happy baby!

Mamas, what are some helpful tips and tricks you’ve learned while breastfeeding? How long have you been going or how long was your journey? “🤱🏽

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