How to Stop A Negative Thought Cycle

How to Stop A Negative Thought Cycle

“A man actually asked me at the market yesterday if I was pregnant again 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ My face turned into how Asher looks in this picture 😧

That has never happened to me before & I’ll admit, it didn’t feel great. Even as a fitness professional, as an advocate for body acceptance, as someone who understands that it’s still very early in the postpartum process, felt that blow.

I felt sad, embarrassed & frustrated. I looked back at picture from previous postnatal periods & got annoyed at my slower progress now… I knew I had to STOP THE SPIRAL🌀⛔️

So how can we stop a negative thought cycle?

❤️1. Learn to let go! I had this comment in my head for the entire afternoon yesterday. I went for a run & annoyingly still heard it in my mind. It was ruining my run, taking away the fun of exercise & made it feel like more of a chore. I didn’t want my day controlled by someone else’s judgment so I had to let it go. I wrote down all my worries about why that comment had affected me. I took some deep breaths & I then ripped up & threw away the note. Letting my anxiety go away with it!

❤️2. Trust the process! I had to use my expert head. I KNOW postnatal recovery takes time. I know my body has achieved miracles giving birth to my children. I trust my body to heal in the best way it can & I’m excited to support it with health & activity. I reminded myself to embrace my wonderful, clever, amazing body for how it is now & enjoy the journey of sustaining a healthy lifestyle in the future.

❤️3. Share your thoughts. This was the first thing I did. I told my husband, my mum & some friends. I laughed about it, got annoyed & upset but ultimately I talked it through & then was able to process & let go.

❤️4. Practice gratitude. After letting go of the anxiety, I wrote another note. Of all the things I’m grateful for and this note I saved. I looked at it when I woke up this morning and immediately accessed a positive mind set 😊❤️

Any other tips on how to handle emotional blows that hit your self esteem❓Thanks in advance for sharing, I’m sure many can relate to this feeling & would welcome advice!

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