Mom Bods Deserve More Damn Credit

Mom Bods Deserve More Damn Credit

“Our bodies deserve a lot more credit than they get. Not only from others but most importantly from OURSELVES.⁣

After having kids, we criticize our bodies so much. We look in the mirror and often don’t like what we see. We look at pictures online and compare our bodies to other women. We pinch, poke and prod at our flaws until we start to hate our reflection. ⁣

We do all this so often that we forget that our body looks different because IT LITERALLY GREW LIFE INSIDE IT! ⁣

Unfortunately, this is something that we have been taught from a young age. Society has made us think that our bodies are less worthy after doing one of the most amazing things that the human body can possibly do.⁣
Why is that?⁣

Pregnancy and giving birth isn’t some small task. It’s a HUGE task that can be traumatic to our bodies. Our organs literally rearranged themselves to make room for another living being. Our bones shift to make space for that being to exit. We literally produce AN EXTRA ORGAN just for this other being. We then push them out. We bleed. We experience hormonal changes throughout all of this. And then our bodies have to recover for weeks after birth. So no, this is no small task and that deserves to be acknowledged.

We deserve more credit. Our bodies deserve more credit. We deserve to look in the mirror and be reminded that our bodies have served a purpose. They have created someone that you will love forever. ⁣

Here’s what we don’t deserve-⁣
We don’t deserve to feel pressure to look a certain way or two “snap back” after pregnancy. We don’t deserve to hear comments about what we should or should not look like. we don’t deserve to feel like we have to fit a certain societal standard to be accepted and feel beautiful.⁣
We deserve better than that.⁣

Our bodies may look different. Our boobs may seem different. Our weight may be different. But that’s what makes motherhood beautiful. And we sure as hell deserve a lot more credit for that than we get.⁣

We are creators.⁣
We are strong.⁣
We are magical AF.⁣
We are mothers.”

Instagram: @khloekuriatnyk

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