It’s Okay To Formula Feed

It’s Okay To Formula Feed

“I see you mama.

Trying your best to provide the “best” nutrition for your little one.

Working hard to try and try again to get your baby to latch.

Hours connected to a pump.

Always tracking what you eat or drink so you don’t affect the baby’s sensitive stomach.

Time away from your other kids to power pump and get your supply up.

Nipples so sore you can’t even stand the feeling of a bra against them.

The tears when you finally realize that what your giving isn’t enough or is actually hurting their little tummy.

I see you mama.

Even if none of these apply to you, and breastfeeding just isn’t for you.


There’s a huge movement to normalize breastfeeding in public. Now let’s normalize formula feeding so we don’t get judgmental looks when we mix up a powdered formula to feed our infants at the store.

Because let’s just get one thing straight-The choice to not breastfeed does not mean that we are selfish or love our babies any less. ✌🏻”

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