Shanel’s Pregnancy

Shanel’s Pregnancy

1 – How did you tell your husband that you were pregnant?

I really thought the month of March was out for us because my husband was out of town most of the time for work and we only saw each other once. My OPKs were negative around the time we saw each other, but I decided to test the day before my missed period for the hell of it. I had just ordered 50 pregnancy tests on Amazon and I was excited to take one. I peed on one and hopped in the shower, not thinking much of it. I had taken what felt like hundreds of them since we started trying. A few minutes later I peeked and I saw a faint line. I thought there was absolutely no way that was possible, so I decided to test again. I did the same thing, peed on a stick and jumped into the shower. A few minutes later, I peeked at it and it was positive. My husband was home at this point because he had been laid off due to COVID. It was March 22nd and we had just been locked down on March 13th. I sprinted out of the shower butt naked and soaking wet to my husband who was playing video games in the loft and I said “come here you have to see this!” He followed me super concerned and said “what’s going on?” He saw it and immediately told me to pee on another one.  I said no because they were both very positive so he took it upon himself and decided to pee on one to see if the tests were faulty.  Long story short, he wasn’t pregnant, but I sure was! We jumped for joy together and hugged for what felt like an eternity. I was in such shock I had to tell him immediately. 

2 – Tell us a little bit about your pregnancy journey? 

My husband and I married in March 2018 and knew pretty quickly that we wanted to try for a baby. We officially decided to go for it in August that same year. I knew I didn’t want to put a bunch of pressure on myself each month and I still wanted it to be fun, so all I did was track my periods using the app, Glow. I had already gone off birth control so I knew my hormones were starting to fall in line again. We tried this way for about a year and a half when I started to have some other health issues that led to a surgery. We had to take a few months off of trying to make sure I didn’t get pregnant before or right after that surgery, but once my doctor cleared me in January 2020 it was back to trying and this time a little bit more seriously. 

Since we had already been trying for over a year I made an appointment with my OB on March 5th for my annual and to discuss fertility options. We had scheduled an ultrasound for when my next period was so they could look at my uterus to make sure everything looked good and get some blood work done. I also started using OPK’s to better track my ovulation. My husband was also going to be checked. Well… that period never came. I was unknowing 3 days pregnant at that appointment.  I am such a firm believer in the timing of life and have no doubts that this was exactly when we were supposed to get pregnant. The best part is my due date is not only my thirtieth birthday, but also my golden birthday, November 30th. It was meant to be. 

3 – How are you feeling throughout your pregnancy? 

Mentally, it’s been a strange and challenging time to be pregnant considering everything we’ve had to deal with in 2020. I feel like a piece of the “first time parents” experience has been stolen from my husband and I, but I’ve been blessed with a pretty easy pregnancy to say the least. The first trimester was full of food aversions, nausea, fatigue and emotions, but once I got into the second trimester I started to feel better. That’s when the aches and pains kicked in, but it felt like it went by in a blink of an eye. Things really slowed down once I got into the third trimester and now it just feels like it’s taking forever waiting for our new little addition. Currently 37w3d today and not sleeping a wink. I guess it’s just my body getting ready for a newborn. 

One thing I wasn’t expecting to happen during pregnancy was just how close my husband and I would grow during this journey. As if I couldn’t love him anymore, I feel like it’s been magnified times a hundred. Honeymoon phase part two. From picking out nursery furniture together to seeing him melt over baby items and coming home with a new outfit for our son that he just couldn’t pass up. I feel more connected to him than ever before and it’s been a joy to see his excitement for our new little man. Just two and a half weeks away from our due date now and we are so ready!

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