The hardest part of expanding my family

The hardest part of expanding my family

“The hardest part for me about jumping from one to three is being torn in so many directions at once.

Three tiny humans- a four-year old and newborn twins- each needing individual attention for different reasons, and often at the same time.

My heart wants more for each of them than their dad and I can physically fulfill.

The struggle is heightened in that I’m a people pleaser perfectionist, and it’s been difficult for me to see the logic in not being able to be everywhere at once.

Not being able to keep everyone happy at the same time.

Feeling like the relationship with my very impressionable, older son is becoming distanced, or that one twin isn’t getting equal love and attention.

It’s taken some time, but nearly three months in I’m finally learning to let go of a lot of control and celebrate the small wins in every day.

Knowing that it’s ok to ask for help.

Learning to coexist with a whole lot more clutter and comfort food.

Sleeping in with the babies until whenever I please if that’s what I need to function, and ensuring dad takes his nap later on.

Taking Hudson + momma time at least once a week, and appointing him our special helper as often as possible with the babies.

We’ve got a long way to go to find freedom again, but we’re also embracing the fact that this is our new normal. And it’s the most beautiful and fulfilling kind of normal that this crazy year could have thrown at us.”

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