Ready for the firsts, but not the lasts

Ready for the firsts, but not the lasts

“We hear so much about the firsts.⁣

The first smile.⁣
The first words.⁣
The first steps.⁣

We are ready for them. ⁣

But we talk less about the lasts.⁣

The last newborn cry. ⁣
The last time they fall asleep on your chest.⁣
The last time they nurse from you.⁣

And we’re not ready for these. ⁣
We don’t see them coming until they have already passed. ⁣
We don’t capture them with a camera, because we don’t know it’s the last time.⁣

We are ready for the firsts, but not the lasts.⁣

And so we grieve them. But that’s okay. Because these two things I know for sure…⁣

Grief is love, that just doesn’t know where to go. To feel grief, is to know that we have felt deep love.⁣

And every ‘last’ opens the door for another beautiful ‘first’. ❤️⁣


We’re officially at the end of our breastfeeding journey, and while I knew it was approaching, it doesn’t make it hurt any less. I didn’t force anything, it happened naturally over time. And it’s okay.⁣

There is so much I will miss about that connection, but we are connected far beyond just that. And we have SO many more firsts to come. ☺️⁣

**What has been your favourite ‘first’? Your hardest ‘last’?⁣**

⁣Instagram: @confidentiallykatie

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