Ask about a gentle cesarean in your birth plan

Ask about a gentle cesarean in your birth plan


Save this post for your next #prenatal appointment – this is for all birth plans (home, #birthcenter , and hospital birthers). 

Currently, the U.S. has the highest cesarean rates in the developed world – 33%, and that rate is nearly 36% for #blackmothers. It is important that regardless of your desired birth plan, you know about #c-sections and your options BEFORE you go into labor JUST IN CASE. This plan isn’t to plan FOR this procedure, but it can help you know what alternatives you have, when a c-section is medically necessary, and how to advocate for your body and baby even in the operating room to have a positive experience. 

Gentle c-sections offer more natural and family-centered accommodations that give mamas a more connected experience with the birth of their babies.

I was not prepared for a c-section because “it wasn’t going to be my birth story”. I wish that I would’ve known more to prepare and make a more informed decision on if it was necessary and what type of experience I would’ve wanted in that situation. From my experience, it was an unpleasant one that involved my doctor and staff discussing the latest vegan food and restaurants in the area 🥺 – making me feel like a body on an assembly line rather than a first time pregnant and emotional mama. 

As you write your birth plan, ask your providers if a gentle c-section is an option. Here’s what to expect from it vs. a standard c-section:

– Clear plastic or lowered drape instead of a solid drape so you have a better view of your baby being born and the incision

– Less restrictive equipment to allow your hands to be free rather than being strapped down to the table 

–  Slower delivery to give baby time to clear their lungs of fluid 

– Immediate skin to skin vs. baby being taken immediately to warmer for newborn exam (which can impact breastfeeding later).

– Better ambiance (reduced noise, music, silence) vs. cold and lit room with conversations happening about whatever is on their minds. 

MAMA –  You will always have the right to make the final decision but you have to know what decision you want to make. Educate yourself and ask the questions ‼️”

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