Tackling Pregnancy During COVID

“Tackling Pregnancy During COVID
Every pregnancy is certainly different then add a pandemic into the mix and what you get is a very odd experience. My heart goes out to all mamas always, but especially first time mamas having to go through this uncertain time during a huge life change.
What is COVID doing to the pregnancy experience?
▪️WORRY: There’s a new type of worry mother’s to be have to now experience. Appointments seem to be more spread out, baby and mama aren’t getting checked as often, and some are only being seen virtually.
▪️SADNESS: Mamas have to do this alone in most cases. Your spouse, significant other, or support system can no longer accompany you to appointments and huge milestone visits.
▪️ONE SIDED: While normally your significant other has the option to attend any and all visits they now have no choice. It’s making them feel absent from this experience!
▪️EXHAUSTING: Being pregnant is hard enough but then trying to schedule all appointments, labor, and birth around a time that works for everyone in the family is difficult. How are we suppose to go to appointments alone if we can’t coordinate plans for our other children.
▪️FEARFUL: There’s the unknown and the what if’s to be planning around. We don’t know where another month will take us let alone 6 months.
To the mamas going through this I commend you! You are doing the best you possibly can do given the circumstances! Remember, you aren’t alone! We are all in this together!”

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