Number 1 Surrogacy Question

Number 1 Surrogacy Question

“As a surrogate, this is probably the most common question I get asked so I figured it was important to clarify some things. 👇

Number 1: There is an important distinction between giving a baby away and giving a baby BACK. And to be perfectly clear, if I was pregnant with my own baby, I couldn’t just give that baby away; but surrogacy is different. From the moment this baby was conceived in a lab, he was not mine. When the embryo was placed into my uterus via IVF, he was not mine. As he grows and kicks and moves, he is not mine. I can care for him and enjoy the baby kicks and love meeting him once he is born, but I have no desire to keep him as my own because he isn’t.

Number 2: no offence to my Intended Parents, but I don’t want your baby. 😉 I think there is a big fear for Intended Parents that the surrogate will bond with their baby and not want to give it back. I think these types of misconceptions come from the lack of education and general knowledge about surrogacy. It’s part of the reason I started sharing and documenting my journey to show what it’s REALLY like. I adore my Intended Parents and want nothing more than to help them grow their family. How lucky am I to be a part of the story that brought their baby earth-side! 🥰🥰 It’s such a privilege!

Number 3: It is so important to normalize #assistedreproduction and #surrogacy and recognize that not everyone has the ability to grow their family on their own. Surrogacy is just one aspect of the many ways a couple can have children but it’s important to adjust our discourse about the way we talk about surrogacy to be inclusive and respective of the long, and often heartbreaking journey individuals and couples go through to become parents. I am not giving up MY baby, I am simply giving YOUR baby back to you. Thank you for trusting me enough to grow him for you. ❤️❤️ .


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