A Handy Guide to Texting Your Pregnant Friend

A Handy Guide to Texting Your Pregnant Friend

A Handy Guide to Texting Your Pregnant Friend on (or after) her Due Date!

✔️ how are you feeling?
✔️ is there anything I can bring you?
✔️ no need to respond but I’m here if you wanna chat and I hope you’re doing well!
✔️ let me know if I can take you for a walk
✔️ what can I do to help distract you from how utterly and completely miserable you are?
✔️ you’ll probably be drinking a beer in the next two weeks! Yay!
✔️ do you have support for after the baby is born? I will come by with coffee!

✖️ have you had the baby yet?
✖️ when do you think you’ll have the baby?
✖️ my sister/neighbour/cousin tried x/y/z and went into the labour the same night! You should try that too!
✖️ are you still pregnant!?
✖️ are you in labour right now? 🙄😂

I wrote this when I was pregnant with Wells two years ago but it’s worth a repost. Unless you are someone’s very BEST friend, don’t message them asking if they “had the baby yet” (this is the number one message a woman in late pregnancy will get!) 🙈 Either they did and they’re busy enjoying their new baby and will tell you all about it when they’re ready, or they didn’t and they’re already bummed and your message could add to the pressure or nerves they undoubtedly feel. If you really have to know what’s going on, make like a millennial and creep ‘em hard on the internet to figure it out for yourself 👀 or y’know, send a message that sounds like you’re actually concerned and not just entitled to know everything about the state of their uterus 😝

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