Winter Skin Care for Babies + Toddlers

Winter Skin Care for Babies + Toddlers

Winter Skin Care for Babies + Toddlers 👶🏼🤍✨ Post by @themidwestnurse

Extra sensitive skin means extra dry babes in the cold weather ⛄️ decreased moisture in the air mixed with sensitive skin, drooling and infant eczema can get messy! But there’s plenty of simple remedies to restore your cherub’s smooth and silky complexion

☁️ Keep baths short + lukewarm
☁️ Use a small amount of fragrance free soap (or soap free cleanser) @mustelausa / @honest
☁️ Infants 6+ months should be drinking lots of water
☁️ Moisturizer should contain water and oil / no fragrances and as little chemical additives as possible
☁️ Use a bland emollient (@burtsbeesbaby Multi-purpose Baby Ointment) but avoid olive/sunflower oil
☁️ Apply lotion while slightly damp from the bath
☁️ Pat dry after bath / don’t rub
☁️ Use a plastic stroller cover to keep wind out
☁️ Don’t overheat the house, hot air can dry out skin even more
☁️ Use fragrance free + baby friendly detergent

🤍 Bundle up to protect from harsh winds / winter air
🤍 Add a humidifier to sleep routine
🤍 Apply lotion + lip balm (or breastmilk) 2-3x per day
🤍 Call the doctor if dryness begins to crack, spread, become painfully itchy

Tubby Todd Bath Co 🕊 made by a family who struggled with eczema + safe for use in the NICU during everyday life, bathtime or massage
BEB Organic 🕊 made with healing, nutritive ingredients specifically for the protection of premature skin
Aquaphor 🕊 dermatologist and pediatrician approved products (safe for premature infants) made with minimal ingredients for sensitive skin to create a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss

*disclaimer* not affiliated with any of these companies. Also, please always ask your NICU nurses + doctors before using a new brand of soap/lotion 🤗*

Photo: @taylergolden ✨
Post by: @midwestnurse

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