I LOVE bed sharing

I LOVE bed sharing

I LOVE bed sharing. I know it might not be for some, but it definitely is for me.

I slept with my mom until I was 8. Yes. 8 years old lol and I probably will do the same with my girls. Bed share until they’re ready to move to their own big girl bed – the same my mom did with me.

I personally always felt that if us, as adults search our whole lives for someone we can share our bed with and cuddle up against at night what makes babies want to sleep alone..?
(This is just my own personal feelings.)

Ive even been avoiding putting Haya in her own toddler bed for a while now because I don’t think I can sleep without her next to me lol.
(If you plan to her share, please make sure you do it safely and you read tons of research on the safety guidelines)

I also get asked quite A LOT if my girls sleep through the night – as if it will determine whether I’m good at this whole parenting motherhood thing.

Can I just put it out there that the pressure of “ does your child sleep right through” not only invite feelings of failure as a parent but also makes women feel as if something is wrong with their child.

When … it’s totally normal.
Read that again.
Waking up at night is totally normal.
Do you remember when last you slept right through the night ?

Can we just normalize children waking up at night ?

That being said , they both wake up throughout the night and I still nurse them back to sleep.
I’m tired, exhausted actually. But that doesn’t mean I want to change anything about our sleeping arrangements just yet.


How long have you co slept with your little ones ? Was it hard moving them into a bed of their own?

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