The Sh*t No One Warns You About In The Fourth Trimester

The Sh*t No One Warns You About In The Fourth Trimester

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No one could have ever prepared me for the 4th trimester. Even if they did, I likely would have had newborn tunnel vision and disregarded their subtle warnings. I am a little over 14 weeks PP and the gifts just keep on coming. Don’t get me wrong, I would go bald in a heartbeat for my baby, but wow, I am amazed and in awe thinking about what the woman’s body goes through to create and sustain a life.Β 

Here’s some crazy shit that has happened in my 4th trimester. Mama’s, what else am I missing?

βœ” you might grow bangs even if you aren’t a bang person and you’ll find strands of hair everywhereΒ 

βœ” those hemorrhoids that appeared during childbirth pop up out of nowhere even months after birth

βœ” you will talk about poop every day

βœ” your hands will become raw from washing bottles and pump parts

βœ” intercourse after a baby is scary, uncomfortable and feels VERY different

βœ” your round and perky boobs after nursing/pumping might completely deflate or hang low once you stop producing milk

βœ” the hormonal roller coaster will remind you of your adolescence

βœ” your mental health will be tested and pushed to its limits

βœ” after birth it will hurt to walk, to sit down, to fart, to poop, to laugh and even to cry

βœ” the first poop after birth should be called β€œthe second birth”

βœ” you will fall in-love with your partner all over again and also get on eachothers last nerve

βœ” you will do stupid AF shit when your sleep deprived

βœ” showering will feel like a spa day

βœ” you will wear the same β€œday time pajamas” for weeks

βœ” you won’t brush your hair or teeth for days and your toe nails might not be cut for months

βœ” even if all you’ve ever dreamed of was having a baby, you will question if you can really do thisΒ 

βœ” time will become irrelevant

βœ” your house will be filled with little messes everywhere

βœ” laundry will sit in the dryer for weeks

βœ” your plants will be neglected and some might just straight up die

βœ” you will forget to eat

βœ” your boobs might become more work than your baby

βœ” both you and your baby will wear diapers

βœ” you will use baby wipes for everything – for a hippie bath, to dust, to wipe down your countertops

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