How Will I Know When To Push? ⁣

How Will I Know When To Push? ⁣

How will I know when to push? ⁣

Guess what, you don’t actually have to push. Your body knows exactly what to do!⁣

If you were pregnant and in a coma, and your baby was ready to be born, your baby would be born whether you intended to ‘push’ them out or not. ⁣

It’s a bit like holding in a giant post-Christmas dinner poo, you get to a certain point and despite the fact no one has coached you through it, you still get that poop out, right? We were never taught how to push a poo out, our instincts take over and our bodies will naturally contract to expel the poop 💩 ⁣

(Sorry if this is a bit much poo talk but if you’re pregnant and reading this, you’ll be surprised by how much interest you will take in your baby’s poo once they’re here so it’s a little bit of pre baby poop prep for you 😄) ⁣

If you take your time, truly tune into your baby, your body and your rhythm, with each surge (wave, contraction – whatever your preferred language is) you’ll both be moving and working together to bring your baby earth side. ⁣

Trust in your instincts. They are there for a reason, do what feels right for you 🧡

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