Let’s Talk Mastitis

Let’s Talk Mastitis

Real life, it totally sucks to be honest.⠀

Mastitis is an infection in one or both of the breasts that develops due to bacteria. Moms may experience fever, body aches, chills, breast pain and tenderness, and redness. Like the flu but worse. ⠀

Here is what you need to do: ⠀

✅ Call your doctor to be put on an antibiotic. The sooner, the better. Once you start an antibiotic symptoms should improve within 24-48 hours. ⠀

✅ Empty your breasts frequently. Now I know this is the last thing you want to do because it is so painful, but you need to try to drain your breasts through feeding or pump at least every two hours. ⠀

✅ Apply warm moist compresses and use massage. ⠀

✅ Use ibuprofen and acetaminophen for pain as directed. ⠀

Hang in there mama and visit  @breastmilk.academy for more

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