How can I reduce irritable back pain during pregnancy

How can I reduce irritable back pain during pregnancy

How can I reduce irritable back pain?

During pregnancy your ligaments loosen up and stretch to get your body ready for labour. This puts strain on your joints, which can cause back pain.

Many women say the pain is worse in the evening and after 28 weeks of pregnancy (third trimester).

Here are some things that can help ease the pain, sleep better and stay strong throughout your pregnancy:

🔹 If you have back pain it’s tempting to lie down as much as possible. Rest is important, especially when you’re pregnant. But lying down for long periods of time isn’t recommended when you have a bad back. It’s generally better to stay active as best you can with low impact activity like yoga, pilates and swimming.
🔹If you have mild back pain, paracetamol may help. It’s safe to take paracetamol while you’re pregnant, but it’s best to check with your midwife or GP first.
🔹You may find massages help with back pain. Don’t have a full body massage during your first 12 weeks of pregnancy (first trimester) because your stomach (abdomen) shouldn’t be massaged then. It’s also best to have a massage that’s specifically for pregnant women.
🔹Acupuncture is a type of complementary therapy that involves a practitioner inserting thin needles at particular points on your body. It’s used to control and relieve pain. Research has shown that it can help with back pain for pregnant women. Acupuncture is generally safe to have when you’re pregnant but talk to your midwife or GP before you book a session. Some NHS doctors and physiotherapists can give acupuncture alongside regular medical treatment. Talk to your GP or midwife to find out more.

Back pain can sometimes be a sign of something more serious. There’s no need to panic, but you should contact your midwife or hospital maternity unit if you have back pain and you:

🔹 are in your second or third trimester. Back pain could be a sign of early labour
🔹 have a fever, bleeding from your vagina or pain when you wee
🔹 lose feeling in one or both of your legs, your bum or your genitals
🔹 have pain in one or more of your sides (under your ribs). This could be a sign of pre-eclampsia.

*Please speak with your doctor if you have any concerns*

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